Eventide H9 – MIDI Setup Tutorial

h9 harmonizer to work with an external
midi controller setting up the h9 is
straightforward there’s just a couple of
factory settings that you have to change
so it will respond to commands from an
external controller to do so you have to
go into the Global’s menu to get there
you hold down the tap button and then
you hold down the center button at the
same time now here we’re at the top
level menu

so we rotate the knob until
we get to the word MIDI to go into a
folder you press the button to get out
of a folder and go back up a level use
this preset button up here so we’re
going to go down into the MIDI folder
the first thing you see is a receive
channel that’s a channel that will make
it switch programs so we go into that
menu and you see from the factory it’s
set to omni meaning it’ll respond to a
program change on any channel a lot of
times you don’t want that

because you’ll
have other devices on other channels and
you don’t necessarily want them all to
switch the same way so we’re going to
switch that over to 15 because that’s
the channel that Multan voltage stuff is
set to at the factory

now to go up a
menu use this preset button now we’re
going to go over to output then go into
that menu by pressing the button and
from the factory it’s set to transmit
meaning the h9 will send midi
information out that it generates but to
have it controlled by an external
controller you’re going to want that set
that to through

because what will happen
is all this information that comes off
your midi controller and gets to the h9
will be repeated back out so you can
daisy-chain another device and have it
respond to MIDI commands as well so
that set to through let’s go up a menu

now the last thing we want to set is
clock in
turning on clock-in will allow the h9 to
respond to an external midi clock
that way it can synchronize with all the
other effects on your pedal board that
can sync to MIDI clock and there’s a
whole lot of them out there at this
point in fact if you want to see the
whole list just go over to Moulton
voltage comm and click on the master

so now we’ve got all our
parameters set we’ll back up out of
these menus and then to exit you do the
same thing you hold down the tap button
and hold down that center button and now
we’re on program 21 here

you’ll see that as soon as I press that
midi clock started being sent and the h9
synced up to the clock now of course if
you want a new tempo you just tap on in
and that’s really all there is to it
we have a lot more videos like this on
the way so if you’re interested in this
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